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Perfection Isn’t Always Perfect

She stepped out of the taxi, and he walked up to greet her.  “Have you been waiting for a long time?”  She asked, surprised to

Cousin in Melbourne

In 2000, I handed Gilbert an envelope addressed to Cousin.  He took over the envelope, stared at the name of the addressee and chuckled, “That’s

From Darkness To Light

As I played a song on my phone in the bathroom, with the ventilation fan on, I heard someone singing.  The voice didn’t come from

Our Fathers

In one of the chapters of Elizabeth Hay’s memoir, she talked about her father’s violent anger.  I was appalled by her unconditional acceptance of her

Overcoming Inertia

This winter, amidst the pandemic, my range of activities have drastically been reduced.  I begin to feel the effects of being cooped up inside the

My Reading Adventure

One day, I suddenly had the urge to read a novel.  But reading is not something I usually do.  I am highly dissociative, so I

Welcoming Changes

“I needed a change,” a friend said to me.  Sitting across from her in a coffeeshop, I looked at her newly acquired eyelash extension and

Oh My Nose

On the eve of the new moon, I started performing nasal irrigation while washing up in the morning. I didn’t prepare myself with instructions or

Cultivate Positivity

A friend once asked, “How do you instill positive energies into yourself?” I don’t have a simple straightforward answer toward the question, because my own