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Cultivate Positivity

A friend once asked, “How do you instill positive energies into yourself?”

I don’t have a simple straightforward answer toward the question, because my own journey was nothing straightforward.

Some people will say, meditate. But I must tell you, meditation is a nightmare to me! My monkey mind, so unruly and restless! You tell it to sit still, it will revolt even more!

A flower essences practitioner once told me, there are two schools of thoughts: one is to ignore all those noise in your mind and focus on stillness; the other is to openly meet those noise, face them head on until they lose their power over you.

For me, meditation is the first school of thought. I have always been following the second school of thought. I let each of the noise rise up to my conscious mind, to a space where I can meet it face to face, just to observe it, to feel it, knowing that it is my past, my ancestors’ past, my soul’s past, that it no longer has power over me now, because the present is my moment of power.

But to arrive at this level of stillness, to be able to hold the past traumas in my mind without it overpowering me, this itself requires a certain amount of power, and this alone is something that I spent years healing. Healing is to release the emotional charges underlying the traumas. When the charges are reduced, I become more empowered. I have power to take control of my life, because my past has lost its power over me.

Below are some of the more useful techniques and tools that have helped me along the way:

1) Rosen Method is extremely useful, not just in diving into the memories of the different layers of the body, but more importantly, to release old wounds and to deliver positive consciousnesses such as love and peace into the depth of the body.

2) Flower essences have been extremely useful too, in taking me deeply into the core of my traumas, in soothing my insecure soul, in introducing positive consciousnesses, and in encouraging me to move forward in my life.

3) Moxibustion helps my body go through the healing process with a bit more oomph, as healing requires energy, and my physical body is weak, so I need external resources to push me through the process.

Currently, I use a technique that is a blend of Samatha meditation, positive affirmation, angelic healing, and Rosen Method.

A Bhutan friend once taught me a type of Samatha meditation that focuses the mind on one thing, anything, a candle, a picture of Buddha, etc. While gazing, count my breaths for two minutes. He said, at the beginning, two minutes might be too difficult, so just do that meditation for one minute. Well, even one minute was too much for me! I ended up doing a Rosen Method type of Samatha where my attention was tuned inward to my sacral chakra, and I breathed in and out while my attention stayed lightly on that area of my body. My monkey mind was still turbo-charged, but because I could hover loosely around that general area without fixating rigidly on a point, I managed to stay a bit more centered for that brief moment. Later, I changed technique: I placed my attention on a feeling—safety. That was essentially the same effect as positive affirmations, except I didn’t use words. Soon I realized that I was growing the feeling that I was focusing on.  Not only that, with the freedom of a bit of mental mobility, by not completely fixating on a spot, my monkey mind didn’t rebel, rather, I sensed the feeling anchoring into my cellular memory, my molecular memory. The freedom of psychological movements means an absence of resistance from my monkey mind, and thus I was able to continue that practice.

There is an angel named Shanti whose specialty is to instill peace. I call upon her, very often. I dive into my cellular memory or whichever part of my body is experiencing tension and rigidity, using Rosen Method, then having my awareness function as a middleman between Shanti and my body cells, I allow the feeling of peace to anchor into that part of my body. The shift typically takes a couple of seconds. Breathing increases the efficiency of the shifts. Positive affirmations too, although all I chant is “Peace.”

There are times when the underlying emotional darkness is too strong, I cannot use Rosen Method to dive into the area of tension. The emotional charges would wring my focus, like a rodeo bull throwing my attention all over the place. When that happens, I release the emotional charges first, by lightly placing my focus on the perimeter of that darkness, then intend that it be released. This step has been extremely difficult for me, because if I don’t do it properly, the release becomes retraumatization, which means the original darkness is magnified, which is the opposite of healing. So I tend to relinquish this step to a higher power. It doesn’t take long, just a few seconds, then the charge is reduced to a level where I can consciously place my attention on it, and instill a sense of peace over it.

I instill most positive energies in roughly the same way. Feeling the positive energies helps to magnify it. Doing something physical like walking or performing a ritual helps to interweave it more deeply into the different layers of my body, and over time, into the fabric of my life.

It is a kind of psychological incubation—cultivating a feeling. 

Are you ready for an adventure?  I invite you to experiment, to explore, to find your own unique technique, like a chef innovating a recipe of a signature dish that tickles your taste buds!

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