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Supporting Zanskaris – Aide au Zanskar

My friends Marc and Ragni Pasturel never miss to amaze me. I love hearing from them.

This time I want to share a letter I recently received:

Dear friend,

In 2016 our NGO received a large [unsolicited] grant from a European foundation. It allowed us to start building a student residence for 24 students. We hope to complete it in 2019 and welcome its first residents in March of 2020.
In order to complete the building and cover the costs for the first year of residency, we still need to raise $25,000. Any amount will help us towards this goal.

In the isolated Zanskar Himalayan Valley in India our 30 year-old K-10 school for 300 students continues to excel. Each year we enroll 30 new students and for the past three years we have achieved gender parity !… Practically all students graduating from 10th Grade continue to higher studies outside of Zanskar. The Dalai Lama has added to our « Best in Zanskar » reputation by visiting four times !

Until now, all of our students live within walking distance of the school or on one of the two school bus routes. Children in remote hamlets cannot attend because they do not have family or friends near the school capable of lodging them. This condemns them to a substandard education in the nearest ramshackle school.

In 2016, a single person’s philanthropy allowed us to start building a student residence for 24 students. But in order to complete the building in 2019 and cover its first year operating costs in 2020 we must raise $25,000.

The document describes the project in detail, including a cost rundown and plenty of illustrations:

All information about our association and the ways to support us is colorfully presented on our website
Donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for considering us for your charitable contribution of 2018.
Any amount will contribute to our goal !

Marc & Ragni

AAZ-RBP-Octobre 2018

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