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Are you doing ok?

Do not wait until you have to use the emergency brake – share your thoughts and emotions …

A question asked very often, not often answered honestly and openly or to its full depth as it was meant.

I remember many times I asked this question to stranges I meant somewhere on the road, on an airport waiting for a connection, in a store or just walking by. Here is a short few lines our of a dialogues I remember …

Excerpt of a conversation

O: No not really. I’m feeling very tired and a little trapped in my work situation. I know what I need to do to change that but I don’t have the energy and am struggling with the motivation. I’m in the ‘in between place’. Leaving my old world but not in the new one yet. Thank you for asking.

J: Fully feeling you – this is the most difficult situation I can imagine. My health coach and best friend tells me that in that situation you need to listen to your body and rest. The energy will come again, but we do need to rest when our mind and body is telling us. I see it as a goodbye somehow. A time to acknowledge that the old ways were good for us also, we did right and well. And then it needs some unlocking time to disconnect from the old. It just can not work to jump from the old into the new. It needs an in-between to re-organoze, re-energise and re-focus. I am sending you a big hug!
Stay put and enjoy yourself to relax, sleep and do nothing. Give yourself the permission to do that. You certainly have the permission of the universe!


Thank you for the courage to share your inner truth with me, stranger!

One of the motivations why I organize FuckUp Nights is because it is an in-between place, a place of reflection where you can openly share your thoughts without being judged. This protection also works real wonders when you need to protect yourself from yourself.


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