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It started with a … match

How did the quest continue?

Here is how the story started:
It started with a match …

On the quest to understand what value is:

Martin 2

Over the road was a small independent florist. My strategy, as it emerged was to target business owners rather than franchises or chain shops. On the way in I noticed some small plants outside for between 12 and 18 francs.

A birthday card for a small plant? Now that has to be a good deal (for me). It was nice and cool inside but as I entered I noticed the 4 women who worked inside, and fortunately one of them was the business owner. She patiently listened to my story, delighted in my feature and benefit sale of the new and unused birthday card, revelled in the banter and did the deal on a real lavender plant. Onwards and upwards.

Success breads success and bored with my own I entered a gift shop that had a sale on. This time the owner was not in the shop and would be away some time. However, on hearing the story it was clear the two ladies in this shop wanted to help.

On a whim one of them suggested I could swap my real lavender for one of their realistic, no need to water, prune or dead head artificial ones. To be honest I was a little reluctant but their fake plant had a price tag of 59 francs, way above the 18 francs of the real one.

A deal was done and I walked proudly down the road with a fake plant in my hand attracting some rather odd looks form several passers by. Clearly a novelty in this area of town.


To be continued …



Thanks to Martin Daubney for sharing his learning experience

Martin is a successful Executive Coach with many years of experience working with large corporations and Small Business Owners. He helps leaders to overcome limitations to their growth.


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