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A phenomenal opening

A huge thanks to our speakers at @FUN_Basel Vol I

I organized uncountable events, workshops, lectures and conferences from 15 – 20 to more than 500 participants. It is always crucial to design the benefit for your audience and make sure that you deliver it for each and every one of them.

For me the most important element is if you are able to create an environment of trust where people can share their thoughts and experiences, allowing to multiply your engagement through the community that is formed by having been at the same event.

I am so happy that we succeeded – it was a very powerful evening – the first #FuckUpNight‬ in #‎Basel‬ – the personal sharing was just phenomenal …

Thanks for a very special evening to all the almost 60 people who made it through the rain on Thursday and attended.

Your energy and thoughts made the evening such a powerful experience.

Thanks to our brave premiere speakers – here is the ONE LEARNING to take from our evening together:

2016 05 12 FUN1 DSC00266


Miao Gerhard
Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Founder & CEO,
Co-founder & Managing Director

Upgrade your boat

Your skills and competencies are what you bring along on the boat you sail through life. The strength of your boat determines if and how you can survive a storm.


Martin Altherr
Psychologist, Consultant, Supervisor & Coach

You have to start small and then grow it – no matter what.

It is a crucial question if you stick to your original plan or adapt your plan on your way.



Michael Scherz
Trained chemist, drug discovery and development professional
Founder & CEO Metys Pharmaceuticals AG and Scherz Pharma Consulting

You need to be able to listen in an unbiased way.

It is the most critical and most difficult thing to do.



FUN.Basel Vol I Speaker

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