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The Power of One

The April days from 22 – 24th 2016 I was in Zurich at Swissôtel for the Start at the Top Live Workshop with Kane & Alessia Minkus.

My decision to join was based on the personality of Kane and how he managed to create a real group connection between the participants after only 2 hours.

networkingIn addition the prospects of being with other Swiss business owners and entrepreneur was very attractive to me . I was really curious on how this three days will turn out to be.

Boy … did Kane and Alessia deliver!

The workshops was exceptional

  • Three days of engaged, interactive working through the topics of how to start and grow your business
  • Testimonials of what works, what does not and why
  • Industry insights, benchmarks and practical how to knowledge

On the second day we played a game that delivered a list of potential customers and partners. Yes … this fact alone was worth coming to the workshop for me. It was amazing how this game can even be played with a group of 200 participants.

To make self sabotage, our cultural values around business and other emotional issues a subject of discussion allowed a deep personal development experience that has and will continue to have an affect on me.

k_A_zurichHuge thanks to you – Kane & Alessia

I participated and organized on many conferences, company events, lectures and workshops and there was always people doing other things on the their laptops or phones.

There was not even 1 person in these three days.

You both really kept all of us active and our attention on.

As I heard this also from participants, I feel safe to say this:  You have all our respect!

I am looking forward to more contact points with you in the future.

If you ever get the chance to be invited to one of Kane & Alessia`s events, do take it!

Here is YOUR opportunity to meet Kane Minkus and the Industry Rockstar team … 

 they are launching a select group of seats at the upcoming 2 Hour Industry Rockstar: Start At The Top Business Accelerator events (see for dates in your city: Geneva – Lausanne – Basel – Zurich). This may be the only time you get to see Kane and his team at these events in Switzerland this year!

And, here’s the bit I am really excited about, they are making the tickets FREE to help as many people as possible in the community attend.

Knowing how much has changed since I first clicked on the registration link and then decided to continue … I am sure that it will change your future as well.

Looking forward to meeting you in one of the upcoming events.



Do you still wonder what the title means?

Yes, ….. it means:
Start with 1 thing at a given time – Change happens one thing after another.



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