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Creativity Engineering News: Interesting new group topics

Each course is very different and here are this year’s group topics. Looking forward to to all results and more so to the way each one of the participants gets there …

G1 – City innovation study
G2 – The Human Power Plant
G3 – Online Platform Lecture Notes
G4 – Electric Scooter – Green bike
G5 – website for sharing recipes for people with medical situations
G6 – Group Traveling
G7 – Transportation Development in Cities
G8 – Social Magnetism brings poles together
G9 – Buddy Shopping
G10 – Multicopter
G11 – Synchronize ya Family
G12 – Control of objects by thoughts
G13 – Effect of colour in the building
G14 – Online learning platform
G15 – From traditional office work to work from home
G16 – Sustainable energy/resource saving
G18 – re-gain Energy
G19 – Eco Loco
G20 – Unused urban spaces
G21 – Uses for recycled waste
G22 – Team up

Interested in one of them?

Happy to connect with you. Just get in touch with me.

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