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… there are the innovators, those who help lead the way

I am proud to now have proof that I am an innovator …

Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman, personally thanked me because I was one of LinkedIn’s first 100,000 members – member number 91345 in fact. In any technology adoption life-cycle, there are the innovators, those who help lead the way. And that was me.

Two weeks ago LinkedIn hit the big milestone of the 100 million members. Congratulation!
It was the vision of LinkedIn to help the world’s professionals be more successful and productive when they started. And this vision already became reality for me in my professional life – I met professional educators from around the world and engage in high profile discussions with them about current work tasks and questions arising. We share ideas and connect on many different levels. LinkedIn made that possible. Thank you for making your vision reality – I am sure that it was very hard to reach this point we are at today.

My profile on LinkedIn
Wikipedia – Diffusion of innovations

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